Jan 15 2016

Educational trips with real guides

This is a wonderful activity for children. It's inspired by school trips to museums and other cultural locations. These all-important excursions are very beneficial to pupils. The problem is they require a lot of planning, you have to get various types of permission, they take up a lot of time, and they involve considerable cost.

We suggest complementing these excursions with virtual trips to different places around the world, led by a professional guide — a real person who is an expert on each specific subject. Using either their computers or their tablets, all the pupils can enter at the same time and talk to the guide via Voice over IP. And the visit can be in whatever language you choose; it can be in the children's native language, or they can practice a second language.

In addition to this great experience, all visits conclude with a game or collaborative activity in which pupils are tested on the knowledge they have just acquired. Organized into teams, only the group whose members have paid attention and coordinate with each other will win the competition.

  • Linconl Memorial Linconl Memorial
    On this unique visit, discover the importance of this monument to Lincoln in the history of the United States and the values it represents.
  • Velázquez and Goya Exhibition Velázquez and Goya Exhibition
    Our guide will lead a tour around these two painters' most important works, revealing interesting anecdotes that will delight your pupils.
  • MUNCYT, National Museum of Science and Technology MUNCYT, National Museum of Science and Technology
    Find out about evolution and discover the secrets of science and technology. From the rudimentary gadgets to the latest electronic devices that have helped humans evolve throughout history.
  • Synchrotron Synchrotron
    On this visit, pupils will discover the ALBA Synchrotron, an electron accelerator that allows light to be generated in a broad spectrum of wavelengths, ranging from far infrared to the high X-ray region. Here, they will learn how scientists use the facility to carry out studies and experiments in various fields, from microbiology to astronomy.
  • Hesperides Research Vessel Hesperides Research Vessel
    On this journey aboard the iconic research vessel, pupils will discover the importance of protecting natural resources and the work that scientists carry out on their various missions around the world's oceans.

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