Jan 15 2016

Corporate events

It's time to go one step further regarding your business's internal communications.

We can provide you with an innovative space that will turn the way in which your staff communicate with each other on its head. Whether it's to organize a straightforward tracking meeting for a sales team or offer clients a conference, you'll have all the advantages the online world provides, and you'll also enjoy a great deal of the intimacy and interaction of the real world.

One of the most valuable features provided by our solution is the networking that takes place following each session. This is because a sensation of "being present" is conveyed to users, making them feel more attached to their avatar and facilitating participation more than any other technology.

You can use it for the following:

  • Meetings at which PowerPoint presentations or videos are used to transmit ideas.
  • Presentations or training for dozens, or even hundreds, of people.
  • Sales meetings to impress clients, using different types of Showroom.

Your staff will enjoy an extra-special experience.

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