Jan 15 2016


Our virtual events are distinguished by the fact that they provide a strong networking component and communication among participants.

Thanks to the display of personal avatars, animation expressing emotions, and voice over IP, we can ensure that our on-line events offer experiences and sensations that are as similar as possible to events in the real world.

Our advantage is a great reductions of costs for everyone, both organizers and participants.

The types of events that our customers have organized include the following:

  • Trade Fairs. Trade fairs are organized around stands with the products and services of the various companies. Usually, conferences and working and networking sessions are organized in order to increase the added value for participants.
  • Conferences / presentations / training. We recommend a maximum of 150 persons per room. To provide added value for participants, the ideal is to stimulate networking among them at the end of the event.
  • Product showrooms. These area individually prepared rooms with information about the company's products and services. They include various software such as 3-D models, images, audio, videos, and automatic software avatars. They are an ideal place to take potential clients after a talk. The company's commercial staff may assist various users at the same time or meet in private areas if necessary.

We can also help you by announcing your event to our users, currently more than 100,000 registered users and increasing every day.

Very easy use and access, even from tablets or mobile phones, make this technological medium a fantastic complement to traditional events.

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