Sep 09 2014

The Education Districts delivers new collaborative educative games

Virtway is focused on creating games where students of any level and cultural background collaborate or compete to achieve a goal as a team. Skills such as communication, organization, negotiation, conflict solving or leadership are positively developed by young students as a complement for their future as adult workers.

Now The Education Districts includes a series of games with a 100% collaborative gameplay where the teacher or coordinator can customise or add content about any topic and modify and improve it anytime it's required.

Every group is organized in different teams and they must coordinate themselves to perform the best they can. Only the team where everybody collaborate and have leaders with an agreed plan will win. This activities can be created around a learning topic like history, maths, languages, chemistry… Besides, it can be used to evaluate and encourage students to research on the internet about a certain content.

The result is a complete students' involvement with the activities, a fact that ensures a happy and positive learning in a funny and educative way.

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