Jun 05 2015

AEFOL is launching EXPOELEARNING Virtual, the first Online Exhibition for the e-Learning and Human Resources sectors

AEFOL, the leading company in marketing services for the e-learning and HR sectors, will launch Virtual EXPOELEARNING on 20 July, a new method of online exhibitions that could expand its services offered and that will offer a new space for any company from any country in the world to display its e-learning products and services and other areas such as HR and technology for the management and supervision of people.

This new initiative is born thanks to an agreement with VIRTWAY and is another step towards the long career path of services offered by AEFOL, which will celebrate its 15-year anniversary next year.

For the first time, AEFOL will offer its customers a virtual space where their own stand is available to carry out presentations for products and demonstrations of the latest technologies in training; in addition to contacting visitors, networking and other options that the most advanced 3D technology allows one to offer today.

AEFOL has organized 21 e-learning exhibitions: 14 in Spain and 7 in Latin America and with this fair, they want to further innovation and offer its customers the best service possible.

Virtual EXPOELEARNING is an exhibition that targets professionals and also appropriates spaces for Master students and an Employment Forum. During the week of the first edition, from 20-27 July, conferences, dynamic activities, interactive networking and other events will be held. They will be communicated via the Web at www.expoelearning.com. A second week is planned in September to cater to all the merchants from Europe and Latin America alike.

Edition XV of EXPOELEARNING will be celebrated in the Madrid Exhibition from 3-4 March 2016.

More about VIRTWAY: It is the world leader in technology application for videogames in the world of companies and businesses. With more than 15 years of experience, Virtway has its own 3D technology which is completely accessible from Smartphones and tablets as it is from PC/MAC. It has virtual worlds for education and training, leisure, tourism, shopping and is now undergoing a new strategic line aimed at providing a platform for online events and virtual exhibitions for event management companies.

Source: www.aefol.com/actualidad-aefol/aefol-lanza-expoelearning-virtual-la-primera-feria-on-line-para-el-sector-del-e-learning-y-rrhh/

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