Dec 30 2015

Educating for change

Educating for change in order to create flexible, innovative and creative learners with a sense of initiative and entrepeneurship, marks the difference which is one of our school´s fundamental pillars.

We expect our students to be ready to face new challenges and we think it is the work of the educator to utilize tools, resources and experiences to enable students develop critical thinking.

Cooperative work, emotional intelligence, Flipped Classroom, CBL and PBL, one-to-one iPad or gamification are just a few of the methodologies and resources available to the XXI century teacher.

On the 16th December, 2015, our 1st Secondary students, had their first contact with “The Education District” and I feel assured that their initial experience was absolutely amazing, not only for students, but also for me as a teacher.

We made a virtual cultural visit to the Lincoln Memorial with Nicole as our excellent guide, who explained the monument itself and gave us a detailed historical context of the period of presidency of Abraham Lincoln and other important aspects such as US Civil War.
The students were immersed in “The Education District” on their iPads during the 40 minutes of the guided tour, interacting with Nicole with witty and informed quesions and with full network connectivity.

The behaviour of all the students in the class was excellent and they worked completely independently.
With this experience, not only did they share information but they also had the possibility to develop colaboration and competitiveness.
I think The Education District has enormous possibilities, due to the fact that our students nowadays, prefer living and building up their own learning process in an active way and this fabulous app, lets them be the protagonists through an attractive world.

Laura García Trinidad
Ramón y Cajal School

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