Aug 12 2016

Visit the exhibition of Consuelo Hernandez, Spanish painter figurative, in the line of realism

You can now visit in TED the exhibition of Consuelo Hernández, the great realist painter, framed in the presentation of the book "A SCENARIO IN RUINS a literary artistic appeal by the recovery of the Cervantes Theater in Tangiers".

Access to the exhibition


Consuelo Hernández, is a figurative Spanish painter in the line of realism and their work is framed within the so - called "Madrid realism".

Her beginnings in painting followed the impressionist model line that the artist was leaving to full immersion in the world of realism, which has remained true over the last thirty years.

In this career it can be seen an evolution in terms of the technique used and the content of her work, which reflects its own vital evolution and the surrounding environment.

It is noteworthy the six years of his stay in Tangiers (1997-2003) period in which her paintings are inspired by the architecture of international decadent era of the city, especially those dedicated to the Cervantes Theatre: Spring , Summer , Fall , Winter in the Cervantes Theatre in Tangier.

International artist consolidated, with a long history of exhibitions, her work has been exhibited in international art fairs in Chicago, Hong Kong, Singapore, Paris, The Hague, Madrid, and at festivals worldwide. Consuelo Hernández's work has toured the halls of the Cervantes Institute in Tangiers, Rabat, Casablanca, Fez and Tetouan (Morocco).

In 2012 she presented a selection of paintings under the Present'Art International Festival, Contemporary art, which is exhibited at the National Library of Shanghai Pudong and the CEIBS (Art Investment Forum) Shanghai (China). Its international exhibitions have continued in 2013 in the gallery Bridge Beijing and Shenzhen (China), as well as the Gallery-M Vienna (Austria) in the Wison art museum and the Global Harbor Shanghai (China).

In April 2016 the institution Forum Europe 2001 has been awarded Gold Medal for her career.

Artist award at the 2nd edition of SATURA INTERNATIONAL CONTEST, Satura art gallery, Genoa (Italy). July 2016.

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