Feb 20 2017

Hundreds of pupils have fun while developing their skills with The Education District

In these first few weeks of 2017, we decided to share our experience of learning and collaborating inside The Education District with as many schools as possible. We've already had the chance to share that experience with 5 schools. And with every pupil in each class taking part, it's an experience that encourages dialogue and negotiation. 

This is achieved through the activities the pupils carry out on the virtual platform, in which they have to take decisions, assign tasks and reach agreement on various objectives.

And it's all done in an environment that's user-friendly. In addition, they can visit world cultural sites such as the Lincoln Memorial, the Museum of Science and Innovation, and the oceanographic research vessel Hespérides. 

So far, the experience has been shared with all types of schools, from Giovanni Antonio Fariña primary school to the Maristas school in Guadalajara.

Last modified on Tuesday, 21 March 2017 15:57