Feb 24 2017

The Education District in Bogotá

On 17 February, teachers and students from Colombia's leading schools got together at TEB Innovation Time 2017. The main aim of the event was to promote technological innovation with regard to schools. Attendees met to learn from their collective experiences and share their knowledge of the role that technology plays in the world of education.

Over 400 people attended the event and they were able to enjoy various talks as well as visit the sponsors' stands. Soluciones Minka, representing Virtway, gave everyone attending a demonstration of the potential of educational models that use 3D virtual environments.

This demonstration took the form of interactive sessions with the virtual worlds created by The Education District, as well as a talk given by Fredy Vásquez, titled Gamification and Learning, in which the virtual environments of the first educational campus in 3D were the main topic of discussion.

Information on the schools that took part in the event, as well as the main sponsors, can be found on the following website: http://tebinnovationtime.com/

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