Sep 05 2014


Our solution and methodology is very effective for teams. We can help you develop the most important soft skills that any organization need: collaboration, teamwork, leadership, communication and conflict solving.
Our unique approach using online collaborative activities with mechanics close to reality guarantees high users engagement and very effective results.

Although you can use TED directly in your company, if you need customized content we encourage you to contact with some of our growing partners network below.


The way we work makes Skype not a good solution for us. We needed something more flexible and interactive.
Incorporating The Education District has caused a big impression among our customers, positioning us as an innovative company that makes use of the most advanced technology. To be able to do the work sessions with avatars, so close to the face-to-face, has allowed us to be more competitive and offer a fast and quality service.


“VivoBarefoot” is a global company and the ongoing training is essential. The existing tools are boring, slightly interactive and do not motivate our staff.
Thanks to "The Education District" the training sessions are an entertaining moment and of connection with peers. The group activities are a great success.

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