Sep 05 2014

Learning professionals

We are working hard to make The Education District a great place to connect learning professionals with students worldwide. It doesn’t matter if you are a lonely wolf, you have an academy or you manage a big online training platform, we have a special Campus for you.

We will help you differentiate in the market, attract new students, increase the number of users per classroom and boost student’s satisfaction using our fun activities.

Gloria. Spanish teacher

Hi, I am a Spanish teacher online.
Until now I was giving classes through Skype, one by one. Although it is an effective method, to discover The Education District and apply their methodology, I can now do sessions with groups. Students participate in fun challenges and interact with each other as in a real classroom.
They learn a lot more relaxed, they collaborate and have a great time. They are looking forward to when my class starts. :-)

Paul. English teacher in The Education District

I've always tried to make my classes fun. My students want to learn while having fun. When I met The Education District I found that it matched the way I saw teaching. I started using it to teach groups, since with Skype I could never do have than 2 students. In LinguoLand I intend for students to talk among themselves, solve challenges and thus make the class dynamic. As an English teacher “online” I never thought that I would have a class of my own to teach. Now I have it in The Education District.

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