Sep 05 2014


Almedina College

This investment has helped us in the economic aspect of our school. At certain ages, the students are the ones that choose in what center they study, and certainly, “The Education District” marks the difference for that choice. In just one trial course, the result has been unbeatable and after the actual exchange we did in England, I cannot think of a better way so that both our students as the English students maintain their academic and personal relationship through virtual meetings and thus improve their language skills whenever they stay or look inside.

Modern Gymnasium College (Colombia)

To be able to offer online exchanges for the entire class and throughout the year has been a cost saving for both the parents and for the school itself. Until now you could only make face-to-face exchanges in summer or individual ones through Skype. “The Education District” has saved us substantial costs by reducing the number of annual face-to-face exchanges and has helped the daily student motivation to practice second languages.

Hidalgo College (Mexico)

We are in full process of implementing iPads in school. To count on a platform like The Education District helps the students want to become involved in this process by participating in the activities and exchanges with other schools. Today we are at the forefront of the technology in our country.

University of Seville (Roberto Cuadros)

I was looking to motivate and impact my students with a 3D virtual platform. I had tried several such as SecondLife, but the result was not the desired one due to its complexity and by not having an App for tablets. With The Education District the experience was radically different. The valuation of the students after using the Master to teach Spanish as a second language was very positive. They found The Education District to be very attractive and intuitive. They stressed their access from mobile/tablets and the possibilities for collaborative work. It is clear that I cannot stop recommending language teachers to include this tool in their educational projects.

Stowe School (United Kingdon)

One of our goals was to get our students to interact with other native students to practice languages. It is not always possible to count on a native teacher at school and videoconferences are not too participatory. Thanks to The Education District we have increased the number of hours that each student spends talking to a native student and the results are very satisfactory thanks to the collaborative activities. In fact we are valuing to start using it for other subjects.

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