Sep 14 2014

Jesús Izquierdo loves us

As a teacher, I’ve always been on the lookout for a resource that would allow my pupils to practice outside of the classroom. I tried asking them to watch videos on YouTube and later to comment on them in class, but not all of them could access it from their mobile phones “because of data fees.” I asked them to practise in forums, but not all of them found the topics interesting. Overall, I tried a considerable number of strategies which did not work out as I’d hoped.

With The Education District, something amazing happened. The kids simply liked the idea of having a virtual world where they could personalise their avatars and practise new languages talking with native pupils as well as taking part in team activities.

What I like the most as a teacher is the fact that I can give them feedback in real-time, correcting their mistakes as they speak. If, for example, there is a word they don’t know, I write it for them in the chat, so that they can learn the spelling and gain more vocabulary!

Another key point is that The Education District is really helping us to incorporate the iPad into school. The pupils really enjoy participating in team activities in LinguoLand using the iPad, since it allows them total mobility within the class and it also makes it easier for us teachers to create groups.

Many thanks, The Education District team! Keep on being the best.

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