Sep 10 2014

David Gómez, teacher at Brains school, highly recommends its use in the classroom. It is a 21st-century tool that helps our students learn in a more enjoyable way

My name is David Gómez Curieses, math teacher and one of the innovation coordinators at Colegio Brains in Alcobendas.

I'm writing a few paragraphs to explain my experience with the Education District.
I started using it with my students toward the end of the last school year, and I'm using it again this year because my experience continues to be very positive.

We are currently doing activities in Bricks; the students have built structures with various-colored cubes to practice concepts such as greatest common denominator, least common multiple, integer factorization, coordinate axes, and the idea of functions as machines in which you put in numbers and get back other numbers.

Building with blocks helps them internalize abstract concepts that would be more difficult to understand by other means.
For example, they conceptualize greatest common denominator by laying out colored cubes, perform integer factorization by building towers in which each color represents a prime number, and learn the concept of functions by creating their own machine in Bricks.

In other subjects, such as English and language arts, we're going to start projects with the Education District in which our students will build their own virtual buildings and host its content as a museum or exhibition.
Furthermore, they're going to work on perspectives in technology, create parts of the human body in biology, and build a Roman villa in geography and history.

It's a very interesting platform to supplement what they're learning in school and a very motivational tool for the students.
It also allows students to work on their own and promotes teamwork since users can invite anyone from anywhere in the world to build with them. It puts them in contact with people from all over the planet, giving them a chance to communicate with each other, share experiences, or perform challenges and activities together.

Therefore, I highly recommend its use in the classroom. It is a 21st-century tool that helps our students learn in a more enjoyable way.

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