Feb 15 2017

Inneva Pharma discuss their experience with The Education District

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Rocío Molina, a founding partner of the consultancy firm Inneva Pharma discusses the company's experience with TED...

"A change in perspective has led to the conception of a virtual environment that hits the mark with regard to its approach to educational models. It's called The Education District and it represents an authentic revolution, and not just in the way that technology is applied to learning. That's because this hybrid between in-class and virtual learning aims to satisfy training and internal communication requirements, while at the same time connecting with potential clients and attending to the users of our services…"

Feb 10 2017

The Education District in "Startup Europe Week 2017”

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Tuesday, 7 February, saw the European Business and Innovation Centre in Guadalajara (CEEI Guadalajara) host one of the events held as part of "Startup Europe Week 2017”, which involved a number of European towns and cities, in more than 40 different countries, linking up to consider the subject of entrepreneurship and startup companies over the course of the week.

Virtway took part in the event along with its star product, The Education District virtual world. The company was able to demonstrate the enormous potential of its product for a number of different fields, such as education, leisure, business training and commercial enterprise, all of them areas in which it can be used as a launchpad for new business ideas based on communication and virtual worlds.

The event was also broadcast live in the virtual auditorium, inside the product's virtual world. This allowed many entrepreneurs across the world to attend without having to be there in person.

Nov 22 2016

You can now visit in TED the exhibition of Eduardo Naranjo, most outstanding ambassador of Spanish magic oneiric realism.

Access to the exhibition

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